An Appeal through Synopsis by Madhav Ghule about his work to awakening brahmans

An Awakening Call to Brahmans

Beware: Danger to the Existence and Challenges to our Self Esteem

Date: 9th July 2012

Some of the Anti social elements of non-Brahman community, represented by persons like Purushottam Khedekar, A.H.Salunkhe, Madan Patil, Shreemant Kokate, Dr.Balaji Jadhav, M.M.Deshmukh etc. are nowadays regularly engaged in maligning the image of the Brahman’s. They are publishing Articles and Books, containing malicious, baseless, non-historical, insulting & palpably wrong writings full of hatred. It appears that a big campaign is being run to destroy the Status and Goodwill of the Brahman community. All this is being done under the name of Right of Freedom of Expression.

To give an idea of the kind of disgusting comments that are made against us, some of them from the book titled “Shivarayanchya Badanamichi Kendre” and other books are quoted below.

Brahman’s are Impotent, dishonest, pervert and disloyal. Page no. 34.

(Ref. Medical Science and science of Humanity)

Women from High Society Brahman families are provided to Rich persons, Businessmen, and others, by their Family heads, for sexual satisfaction. (Page no.35)

Riots should be held against the Brahmans, and All non-brahmans including Muslims, Christian should gather together to fight such Religious and caste Riots. (Page no.54)

All the Brahmans should be ousted not only from Maharashtra but from India. They should be killed and their localities should be destroyed. (Page no.54 & 55).


Referance : Other Books


  • Sant Tukaram was killed by Brahman followers of Sant Ramdas.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was poisoned and killed by Brahmans. Sant Ramdas Swami was spying for Mughal Emperor Aurangjeb. Swatntryaveer Savarkar was a Toilet Hero.
  • Dadoji Konddev was loyal servant of Aadilshah, who looted and burnt Pune.

We as a community, tolerated all this non-sense for long, but now is the time to retaliate, Otherwise, this vicious propaganda might get considered as a part of History. Are we going to accept this mutely? No, we should NOT tolerate this ANYMORE.

These fanatic elements dare to do this only because we are NOT united. We are perceived as WEAK and vulnerable. This is the time to get United, and do something to make these persons aware that henceforth we are not going to take things lying down.

Taking forward this initiative, I with the active support from some of our community, have filed  Suits of Defamation ( Criminal ) and for Character Assassination – with compensation ( Civil ) in Kalyan Court against the writer, publisher and the Govt. of Maharashtra as well.

I appeal to you ALL to unite and give us a strength to fight against such malicious elements.

An Appeal:

Lord Parshuram, the Deity of All Brahmans has always fought for the causes of not only for Brahmans but also for the society as a whole. He had proficiency in Vedic scriptures required for Brahmans and had also acquired skills & mastery about the weapons and warfares required for the Kshatriyas.

He showed  exemplary bravery, and won several wars against insolent Kshatriyas to protect Vaidik Dharma. It is our Duty to not only preserve his Legacy but follow it in practice whenever there is a threat to Brahmans existence. We should be proud of being born as a Brahman, and should also live like a Brahman to get the deserved respect from other communities. Brahman as a community has always been with the Society  for the overall progress and well-being of all, and hence even after such malicious allegations will answer them in a legal and democratic way.

The Book in which our community has been insulted and maligned, carries the images of Maharashtra Vidhansabha and Mantralaya on its front cover. This is highly inappropriate and we decided to raise an issue and make a protest by informing as much of our community members as possible and held one Meeting at Dombivli on 10th August,2011 which was headed by Mr. Charudatt Aaphale, a Renowned Kirtankar. Thereafter on 20th September, we held one  Protest Meeting at Indira Chowk, Dombivli, attended by 300 Brahmans under the leadership of Local BJP MLA Mr. Ravindra Chavan. Dr. Sachchidanand Shevade a noted writer also expressed his strong views.

At both the meetings, Mr. Madhav Ghule , Executive President of Chitpawan Brahman Sangh, and Past President of Brahman Mahasangh, Dombivali declared that he has decided to fight the cases against Mr. Khedekar and others when MLA Mr. Chavan  promised him of giving required support. Some Legal professionals from Kalyan and Titwala met together for this cause and discussed the issue of filing Civil and Criminal cases at Kalyan. With the expert opinion of senior Advocates like Mr. Suresh Patwardhan, Mrs. Sudha Joshi, both from Kalyan and Mr. Shreerang Khambete from Titwala, it was decided to initiate legal proceedings and a First Criminal Case ( No.118/2011 Court No.3 ) was filed on 4th November 2011 at Kalyan Sessions Court against writer Mr. Khedekar and publisher Mr.Kadu. Within a month’s time another three
cases of similar nature were filed by Adv. Dabke, Adv. Jogalekar, and Adv. Dube at Kalyan Sessions Court. On 14th Nov.2011, a Civil Case ( No.571/2011) was filed in the District Court, Kalyan, by Mr. Madhav Ghule and Mr. Pradnyesh Prabhughate.

It may be noted here that, the Legal process will continue to take it’s own course and we will have to follow it up persistently to get Justice. The win in Legal Battle will put the True picture before the Society at large and will definitely boost Morale of our Community. Therefore, we Appeal to All to extend their support by contributing in the Legal process by participating in person sharing their views, by filing suits at different Taluka / Zilla session court and or by assisting financially.

Details of the cases are given below for your information:


  1. Defamation :  Case No. 118/2011 Court No.3 (Exp. incurred approx. Rs. 1,000/-)
    Hearing took place for 3 times and Mr. Ghule and Mr. Vaidya were present. However defendants never appeared. On 17th Feb,2012 a Summons was issued in the name of writer and publisher and was served at their residences through Pune Police Station. The defendants were absent even on the hearing dtd.17th,March. On 28th May a warrant was issued against publisher and a summons against writer. On the next date of     Hearing on 27th June, 2012, since the defendants did not appear the warrant was served to remain present on 28th July 2012. However, on 5th June, the defendants filed a revision application in Kalyan court seeking for stay, which was heard in presence of their lawyer, On 30th June, where we opposed a stay by filing an Affidavit. This was upheld by Hon’ble court and issued a warrant to remain present in person on 21st July 2012.
  2. Case no.188/2011 Court No.6 (Exp. incurred approx. Rs.1000/-
    Hearing took place twice, and both the time defendants were absent. They were absent even after a Summons was issued on 28th Feb and a Warrant on 30th March. However, Mr. Khedekar attended court alongwith his 50 associates on 11th April, and got Arrest warrant cancelled against Bail of Rs.15,000/- each. Next hearing is due on 10th July,2012
  3. Character Assassination Case no. 571/2011 (Exp. incurred approx. Rs.8,000/-)
    The Case has not come up for  hearing so far. However Mr. Ghule and Adv. Khambete on consistently persuing the matter have been successful in getting the summons from Hon’ble court against the defendants to remain present in person on 4th August 2012.

The expenses incurred of about Rs.15,000/- so far towards Court matters, Leaflets, Meeting Expenses, and Travel, is borne by Mr. Pravin Deshpande-Badlapur, Mr. Pradnyesh Prabhughate Dombivali, Brahman Mahasangh, and Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Dombivali and also Akhil Bharatiya Chittpavan Brahman Mahasangh.

Efforts are being made to file cases of similar nature at all the district centres of Maharashtra, and  would be filed soon at Nagpur, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Khopoli, Panvel, Mulund, Thane, and Mumbai as the representatives of these towns have shown some interest in doing so.

In this context I would like to make it clear to all my Brahman brothers and sisters that, this act of mine is with full thought and responsibility and hence expect your co-operation support and guidance. Ours being a so called secular country enjoying the status of biggest democracy, I can not tolerate deliberate attempts to defame the brahman cult as a whole, who for hundreds of years have sacrificed their lives for the nation and well being of the society and who are staunch nationalists.

I also feel that, it is the responsibility of every brahman to resist with full strength against such acts promptly as otherwise there is a danger of such acts becoming history in future. This is a sort of a Gobel’s technique of propaganda.

We therefore not only have to be cautions but have to be proactive for taking timely action against such erroneous acts. Truly speaking, no individual or association of persons of any caste and creed should even utter such baseless, non historical and insulting words against each other. However, the Ruling authorities and the Hon’ble court must take a note and intervene in order to maintain harmony and high order of humanity in the society.

I, now seek your personal opinion and response enable put a curb on such misdoings: you are free to contact me for any information, explanation and due co-operation in the above context.

Sincerely yours,



(Madhav Narayan Ghule)

Contact Details
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile Number: +91 (0) 9594996646

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  1. Good work Madhav Ghule…. We are proud of you! I also stay in dombivali in case you need any help…

  2. namaskar, uttam suravaat kelee ahet hyabaddal kautuk. majhya sallakar saunsthechya utpannamadhoon ek tharaveek aunshee [percentage]asha sathee denyachee ichhaahe, jar aapalyala pasand asel tar.
    bhal patankar, Pavitra Vyavasthapan Asaunstha, Corporate Advisers for Support Functions for Industry, Commerce and agro activities.,

    1. Hi Bhal Patankar,

      Can you contact Shree Madhav Ghule from Dombivali so that we can take this forward. His number & email ID is given below the post.

      From my point of view you can launch case in your own location against anti Brahman activities by such peoples.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  3. Madhav Ghule what ever you are published over here is a shaming to our community. and you are fighting in court of kalyan against this i want to suggest you that you please go through attrocity act and if you need any other help feel free to call me my no is 9322988563

    1. Hi Sanjayji,

      I have conveyed your suggestions to Shree Madhav Ghule. Can you take one step forward by contacting Madhav Ghule so that we can take our movement forward.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  4. I have written a skit “Brahman Haravala ahe” based on this dangerous reality. All the best for your sincere endeavour. I have given my email. Please let me know, what way I can help in your cause.

    1. Hi Manojji,

      Can you take this movement forward by launching case against this anti Brahman Activities by this people.

      Please contact Madhav Ghule to take full idea of movement.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  5. Dear Sir,
    Whatever is published by these brainless creatures should be opposed to the best of our extent. In this endevour if any financial /physical or of any other type of help is needed then please do not forget me. I wish to financially help this movement led by shri Madhav Ghule. Please tell me the channel through which i can do this.
    Dr R B Gore

    1. Hi Dr. Ratanakar Gore,

      Your message or comment & views has been sent to Madhav Ghule himself,

      I would suggest you to contact him personally than waiting him to contact you… his Email ID & Mobile Number is given below post.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  6. Priya Baba

    Lekh vachun bharavun gele. Atishay mojkya shabdat barach mathala mandla ahet.
    Khup abhimanaspad vattay….

    Looking forward to read more stuff from you.

    Warm regards
    Sayali Deodhar

    1. Hi Sayali Deodhar,

      You are welcome, We are planning to post weakly activities of movement in blog format so you will definitely like it…

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  7. Hello \,
    Well jasta kahi bolat nahi,,, pan yevdhe matra sangtoe, ki
    ek chitpavan ya natya ne me lagel to support karel, agdi jiv dayla jari lagla tari.

    Prasad A. Soman

    1. Hi Prasad,

      Your support & help will be precious to us.. & for this movement of awaking Brahmans…

      Can you contact Mr. Madhav Ghule himself so that we can take this forward with your support?

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  8. hello

    i have read details give on page we are in support with you

    1. Hi Milind Lele,

      Can you contact Shree Madhav Ghule from Dombivali so that we can take this movement forward with your help. Contact details of Shree Madhav Ghule are below blog post.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  9. Halo,Milindji,
    One,Shri.Uday Bapat,Dabhole,Tal.Devgad(Sindhudurg),has,filed a suit of the
    nature in Devgad Civil Court some days ago,in consultation with Advocate Shri Ajit Gogate(Ex MLA).We,the Brahman Sabha of Mithbav have widely discussed on the issue and supported Uday Bapat’s act sending him some funds.Uday had made available the copy of the suit filed by Shri.Madhav Ghule.

    We r in constant contact with Uday relating this matter.

    Ganesh Lele

  10. Halo,Milindji,

    We (Brahman Sabha,Mithbav,Tal.Devgad,Dist.Sindhudurg) also have noted the steps taken by Shri.Madhavji Ghule.The copy of the suit filed by him was made available by Shri Uday Bapat of Dabhole,Tal.Devgad and was read and discussed in the monthly meeting here.Uday also has filed similar suit in Devgad Civil Court,in consultation with Shri.Ajit Gogate [ex MLA and}advocate. The Sabha has fully supported Uday Bapat with some funds.We r trying our best to raise funds for this cause.

  11. Mr. Madhav Ghule ,
    Nice step… I am 100 % with you … Tell me what can I do… I will surely help in this regard to my best capacity …

    — Vikas Soman
    Malad, Mumbai – 97

  12. जातिद्वेष पसरवणार्‍या व त्यापायी स्त्रियांवर गलिच्छ आरोप करणार्‍या, समूहाच्या चारित्र्यावर शिंतोडे उडवणार्‍यांविरुद्ध आपण उचललेल्या पावलास माझा सहमित्रपरिवार पाठिंबा आहे.

  13. Smita Sathe
    28th November,2012

    I am one of the members of CHITTAPAVAN SANGH DOMBIVLI. And 100% with you Shri. Madhav Ghule with “streeshakti” as possible. Aplyaviruddha bolanyachi konachihi himmat hota kama naye.

  14. good work. what is the current status of the cases. The same MR. Khedekar and maratha mahasangh had defamatory comments against Dadoji Konddev and removed his statue from pune. We all should put presure to reinstall the statue at the same place.

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      Can you call directly Mr. Madhav Ghule Head of Chitpavan Brahman Sangh Dombivali… So that we can utilise your ideas & help. Madhav Ghule’s number is at end of the post.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

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