Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Mulund (East) & It’s Working Information, Weekly – Monthly – Yearly Activities, Students’ Educational Help & Scholarships & Foundation of Sangha Information, A Informative Essay by Shri Anil Risbud

Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Mulund is organising hindu spiritual & social events since it’s formation day & before just to unite chitpavan kokanastha brahmans to form social group to increase communication & transformation in to one unite. Chitpavan Sangha has organised many events in to such a direction. We tried to write down all of our information to be documented in this blog post to for reference of other chitpavan kokanstha brahmans to know what type of help & facilities are available from Chitpavan Sangha.

I would adive everybody from chitpavan kokanstha brahman cast to take note of following writeup & do take positive advantage of Chitpavan Sangha Schemes & facility.

I would also advice everybody from chitpavan kokanstha brahman cast to register to nearest Chitpavan Brahman Sanghas’ or Chitpavan Brahman Sangha, Mulund to receive registered mailers with updates & future event details with date & time.

(Mandar Apte)


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Swantraveer Savarkar – Desktop Wallpaper

Here is Wallpaper Designed by Mandar Apte,

& Published by Chitpavan Katta for all readers of Chitpavan Katta website


This resource available for download through Flickr,

Use Flickr download exact size matching to your desktop wallpaper dimensions through below given link


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A Inspirational Resources Published & Distributed by Chitpavan Katta

From today onwards we will published once in while A Inspirational Resource to All peoples who want see heroes & great Indian personalities as their Desktop, Tablet, Phone wallpapers even we are thinking of distributing screen savers to keep you motivated & inspired to work for our country & contribute more to nation building…


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Babasaheb Purandare – A Inspirational Personality – (The Great Bhet Interview)

Babaseheb Purandare a Historian with doing actively Inspirational Speeches for whole of his life…

Here is small introduction (As it is documented on WiKi):

Balwant Moreshwar Purandare (born July 29, 1922, Pune), popularly known as Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare is a historian, writer and theatre personality from Maharashtra, India. His works are mostly based on the events related to the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He is mostly known for his popular play on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Jaanta Raja which was a hit not only in Maharashtra but also in Andhra Pradesh and Goa.


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An Appeal through Synopsis by Madhav Ghule about his work to awakening brahmans

An Awakening Call to Brahmans

Beware: Danger to the Existence and Challenges to our Self Esteem

Date: 9th July 2012

Some of the Anti social elements of non-Brahman community, represented by persons like Purushottam Khedekar, A.H.Salunkhe, Madan Patil, Shreemant Kokate, Dr.Balaji Jadhav, M.M.Deshmukh etc. are nowadays regularly engaged in maligning the image of the Brahman’s. They are publishing Articles and Books, containing malicious, baseless, non-historical, insulting & palpably wrong writings full of hatred. It appears that a big campaign is being run to destroy the Status and Goodwill of the Brahman community. All this is being done under the name of Right of Freedom of Expression.

To give an idea of the kind of disgusting comments that are made against us, some of them from the book titled “Shivarayanchya Badanamichi Kendre” and other books are quoted below.


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Design for Web, Mobile, iPad & Gesture based technologies through User Experience Design (Talk & Workshop)

Chitpavan Mulund Sangh is cheerfully organizing a Talk & Workshop on ‘Design for Web, Mobile, iPad & Gesture based technologies’ in our own premises i.e Chitpavan Bramhan Sangh Hall in Mulund, Mumbai.

Subject: Design for Web, Mobile, iPad & Gesture based through User Experience

Talk & Workshop will be hosted by leading Industry Expert & Technology Enthusiast, Hemant Phanse from Leading IT Company.

Talk & Workshop will cover ‘Design’ as whole other popular design oriented technologies like UX & UI Design for iOS, Web Design & Development for Gesture Technologies, Typography to cover the few…


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Chitpavan Blogger Wanted…!!! Blogger required to write about chitpavans culture & traditions…!!!


Are you intelligent, smart & having right writing skill… You can be right person to blog with us…!!!

A blogger is wanted to write about ‘Chitpavans & Chitpavan Kokanastha Bramhans’,

We at maintain website of syndication of all events & data of all chitpavan katta’s & Sanghs’ & all Institutes related to it.

Content should be worth of lot of information & knowledgeable to reader & followers.


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Mulund Chitpavan Sangh’s Visit to Burondi to see Parshuram’s Statue Near Dapoli

Here is the easy about journey of Burondi, Written in Marathi by Vaishali Vishnu Ghangarekar.

(Visit was organised by Mulund Chitpavan Sangh)


 An Essay in Marathi by one of the visitor, Mrs. Vaishali Vishnu Ghangarekar:

आम्ही ‘बुरोंडी’ ला निघालो. श्री अनिल व सौ अश्विनी गानू या दोघांनी एक शिवधनुष्य पेलून दाखवले. दापोलीपासून १० कि.मी अंतरावर बुरोंडी गावी रम्य परिसरातील एक टेकडीवर ४० कि.मी. व्यासाच्या पृठीविवर एक २० फूटी परशुरामाचा पुतळा उभा केला. या त्यांच्या कार्याला आमचा आधी सलाम!


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