Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Mulund (East) & It’s Working Information, Weekly – Monthly – Yearly Activities, Students’ Educational Help & Scholarships & Foundation of Sangha Information, A Informative Essay by Shri Anil Risbud

Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Mulund is organising hindu spiritual & social events since it’s formation day & before just to unite chitpavan kokanastha brahmans to form social group to increase communication & transformation in to one unite. Chitpavan Sangha has organised many events in to such a direction. We tried to write down all of our information to be documented in this blog post to for reference of other chitpavan kokanstha brahmans to know what type of help & facilities are available from Chitpavan Sangha.

I would adive everybody from chitpavan kokanstha brahman cast to take note of following writeup & do take positive advantage of Chitpavan Sangha Schemes & facility.

I would also advice everybody from chitpavan kokanstha brahman cast to register to nearest Chitpavan Brahman Sanghas’ or Chitpavan Brahman Sangha, Mulund to receive registered mailers with updates & future event details with date & time.

(Mandar Apte)


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