Hello Chitpavans!

Hello All Chitpavans,

This is Mandar Apte, WebMaster of This website chitpavankatta.com & other websites such as mandarapte.com

I welcome you to my website, there lot more ideas to dedicate to this website…

With this initiative of the chitpavankatta.com website, we want to document all social initiatives taken by all Chitpavan Sanghas’ & Kattas’ to promote Chitpavan Kokanstha Brahman related social activities.

I, Mandar Apte would like to request all of you to send me Information logs & essays about your local Chitpavan Sanghas’ & Local Chitpavan Kattas’ so that we can all document all information under one domain called chitpavankatta.com

Hope it helps our community in large…

You can contact me using Contact page.

So I welcome you all to chitpavankatta.com

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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  1. I congratulate you for making avilable the web site as unified source of information &publishing for the chitpavans, let me know if & how I could contribute my efforts for the same.
    Avinash Limaye.

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